Product Overview

An overview of the Cheetah Personalization solution and recent releases

  • Learn more about Cheetah Personalization
    Want to learn more about Cheetah Personalization? Browse our on-demand sessions from Signals'20 below. Cheetah Product Vision and Personalization Strategy with Cheetah Digital CPO Bill Ingram A Blueprint for Personalization at Scale Tips from the Experts: Introducing Cheetah Personalization Client Success: Leveraging Data for More Effective Email Personalization at SeaWorld How Retail Marketers are Adapting to Extraordinary Changes in Consumer Shopping Behaviors The Customer Engagement Suite...
  • Cheetah Personalization Solution Overview
    The Cheetah Personalization solution empowers marketers to orchestrate real-time interactions across all channels and touchpoints. It includes three capabilities that enable you to drive from content to path and optimization, all powered by decisioning and machine learning - delivering the Next-Best-Experience, the Next-Best-Journey, and incorporating the Next-Best-Content. Explore the attached Cheetah Personalization Solution Overview to learn more.

Real-Time Personalization

Engage customers and prospects with personalized, in-moment experiences

  • Cheetah Real-Time Personalization: Web Tag video
    In order to deliver targeted experiences, Cheetah Real-Time Personalization capability leverages the Cheetah Web Tag to capture real-time data events on the web and mobile devices.  Watch the Cheetah Web Tag video to learn more.
  • Product Documentation
    Step-by-step guidance on how to use Real-Time Personalization (RTP).  Real-Time Personalization Integration Guide: Overview of the RTP feature, and instructions on how to integrate the Cheetah Tag in your website.    Real-Time Personalization Companion Guide: Build Consumer Profile: Description of how to use the Real-Time Personalization feature to build out a profile of consumer demographics and behavior.    Real-time Personalization Companion Guide: Next-Best-Experience: Combine the Ch...
  • Solution Collateral
    Learn more about how Real-Time Personalization enables marketers to capture real-time data events onweb and mobile devices and deliver the next best experience. Real-Time Personalization Data Sheet: The attached document provides an overview of Real-Time Personalization, its features, and related business benefits.

Journey Designer

Build better relationships with customers across all channels and touchpoints

  • Journey Designer Release Notes
    The latest Journey Designer releases and features. Undo/Redo (September 22nd, 2022) This one really needs no introduction! When you're trying out ideas or making changes to a journey, you can now undo and redo changes using the icons on the canvas or via the following keyboard shortcuts: Windows: Undo CTRL+Z, Redo CTRL+Y Mac: Undo CMD+Z, Redo CMD+SHIFT+Z   Step Notes (September 22nd, 2022) Have you ever looked back at something you did a while ago and can't, for the life of you, remember w...
  • Introducing Journey Designer video
    Find out more about our new Journey Designer product. What if interactions with consumers didn't feel like one-off transactions? What if, with every email, every offer, every message, and every action, you could strengthen the relationship and build a strong foundation for long-term customer loyalty? Our vision is to help brands turn every interaction into a meaningful moment that is personalized based on your consumer's preferences, needs, likes, and dislikes. Helping you optimize and improv...
  • Introducing Self Service Journeys
    We’re committed to investing in tools and solutions that help marketers create engaging omni-channel campaigns and experiences that drive results. As part of that investment, we are excited to announce the release of Self Service Journeys.  What are Self Service Journeys? Self Service Journeys help you kick off all manner of conversations with a consumer, and then keep them going. By combining listening, decisioning and execution, you can build bespoke multi-step marketing experiences that re...
  • Online Help
    Step-by-step guidance on how to use Journey Designer. Self-service Journeys: This Online Help topic explains how to create and manage your own journeys.  Standard Journey Overview: This Online Help topic provides a quick overview of the "out-of-the-box" journeys available within Journey Designer.  
  • Solution Collateral
    Learn more about how Journey Designer helps non-technical marketers browse, create, publish, and manage advanced journeys powered by the Customer Engagement Suite. Journey Designer Data Sheet: The document provides an overview of Journey Designer, its features, and related business benefits.
  • Journey Companion Guides
    We've produced a series of Companion Guides to help you explore the journeys that are available out-of-the-box. Each guide outlines how the journey can help you, how you can tweak and customize it and the prerequisites to publishing a successful journey to your audience. Abandoned Cart Entice a consumer to complete their purchase by sending them a special Offer and a series of reminders that they have items in their shopping cart. Find out more in the Abandoned Cart Companion Guide.  Annive...

Intelligent Offers

Optimize Experiences with Marketing Insights and Machine Learning

  • Introducing Cheetah Intelligent Offers video
    Cheetah Intelligent Offers, a part of the Cheetah Personalization solution, allows marketers to design and personalize content for individualized “in-moment” experiences using advanced analytics and machine learning.  Watch the Cheetah Intelligent Offers video to learn more about offer management capabilities powered by rules, machine learning, or both.  
  • Product Documentation
    Step-by-step guidance on how to use Intelligent Offers and its capabilities. Personalization Companion Guide -- Intelligent Offers: This document describes in detail the Intelligent Offers capability of the Personalization solution.  Personalization Companion Guide -- Intelligent Messaging Offers: This document describes how to use Intelligent Offers within a Messaging Campaign.   
  • Solution Collateral
    Learn more about how Intelligent Offers allows marketers to design and personalize content for individualized “in-moment” experiences using advanced analytics and machine learning. Intelligent Offers Data Sheet: The attached document provides an overview of Intelligent Offers, its features, and related business benefits.