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  • Introducing Cheetah Digital Learning!
    We are excited to introduce you to our latest Cheetah Digital Learning section on CES Help Center The Cheetah Digital Learning portal helps you to learn more about our solutions and the capabilities across the Cheetah Customer Engagement platform. Our new portal is a one-stop solution to get more understanding and be hands-on about Cheetah Digital's innovations and capabilities. Let's get started with Cheetah Digital Learning on CES Help Center.    
  • Cheetah Digital Release Announcements
    Our latest Cheetah Customer Engagement Suite Announcements. Cheetah Digital Product Updates: November 2022 Cheetah Digital Product Updates: October 2022 Cheetah Digital Product Updates: September 2022 Cheetah Digital Product Updates: August 2022 Cheetah Digital Product Updates: July 2022 Cheetah Digital Product Updates: June 2022 Cheetah Digital Product Updates: May 2022 Cheetah Digital Product Updates: March/April 2022 Cheetah Digital Product Updates: February 2022 Cheetah Digital Product U...
  • Incident Update and Remediation Plan
    Updated: 10/19/2022Original Publish Date: 02/18/2022 The information contained in this document is provided by Cheetah Digital for general information purposes only and is based on information as of the date of distribution and is subject to change.   Incident Update: Root Cause Analysis and Remediation Plan This article is intended to define the issue (what happened, scope and timing), why the issue happened and how Cheetah Digital has worked to remove the risk of the repetition of this issu...

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  • Blogs
    Learn more about Cheetah Digital and its innovations for brands and marketers. Apple MPP's Impact on Email Marketing How (and Why) We Solved the MPP Data Problem 2022 Digital Consumer Trends by Age Group Enterprise Loyalty: Build Lasting Emotional Relationships Retention Marketing: Find and Nurture Your Best Customers Intelligent Marketing: Leverage the Power of ML for Personalized Journeys Real-Time Marketing: Respond in Real-Time with Contextual and Personalized Experiences Cross-channel M...
  • Cheetah Customer Engagement Suite (CES) Integrations Data Sheet
    The Cheetah Customer Engagement Suite (CES) platform integrations and data connectors provide a single, accessible view of customers that helps marketers understand customer behavior and anticipate how to optimize engagement.   To learn more about CES Integration browse the Data Sheet.
  • Customer Engagement Suite (CES) Solution Overview
    The Cheetah Digital Customer Engagement Suite enables marketers to drive revenue, build lasting customer relationships, and deliver a unique value exchange across the entire customer lifecycle.  

Cheetah ID

Cheetah ID unifies the login experience and handles authentication across all Cheetah Digital products. We will start rolling out Cheetah ID to customers in September 2022.

  • Cheetah ID Release Notes
    Detailed information about the latest release of Cheetah ID.  November 2022 (22.11.2) Release Features will be deployed to all Cheetah ID customers on 16 November 2022. Features  Ability to Activate a Suspended Account through Password Reset Request We added a feature that could enable the user of Cheetah ID to unsuspend their suspended account through a password reset. Background Cheetah ID suspends users' account automatically after 60 days of inactivity. Currently, when an account is sus...
  • Cheetah ID Overview
    Cheetah ID (CID) provides common authentication across Cheetah Digital products. It allows Cheetah application users to login to Cheetah as a platform, manage user profile and easily switch between applications (via App Switcher) and business units (via Change menu option).  To achieve this, Cheetah ID: handles all authentication to the CES and its products and workspaces holds the master list of users and their credentials holds the master list of organizations holds the master list of busi...
  • Cheetah ID User Guide
    Cheetah ID Signup You will receive a Welcome Email from Cheetah ID. The activation link will expire in 24 hours, ensure to activate your account before the link expires. If the activation link expires before you could activate your account, please contact a support admin so that they could resend you the Welcome Email. Please follow the steps below to activate your Cheetah ID account. Click Set Up in the welcome email, to open the Welcome window. Click Next. Enter your name and a new p...
  • Cheetah ID Administration Guide
    Overview There are two types of client admin roles in Cheetah ID (CID): Organization Admin: Admin of an organization who can manage access to all the business units (BU) Business Unit Admin (BU Admin): Admin of one or more business units  The users with these admin permissions are provided access to the Client Administration (CES) workspace . Switching to CES Administration Workspace Users with admin permissions can access the CES Administration workspace directly or by clicking on the CES ...
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Cheetah ID
    How does Cheetah ID Work? Cheetah ID is integrated into and handles authentication to all CES (Customer Engagement Suite) products and workspaces.  After migration to Cheetah ID, users will be asked to login using Cheetah ID by default and follow the login flow of Cheetah ID. Cheetah ID users will be able to sign-in using the appropriate method in accordance with their organization’s authentication process: Default: Email followed by password (meeting NIST guidelines) Two-Factor: Email follo...

Marketing Composer

Marketing Composer provides high-level governance of your Campaigns and touchpoints. The product allows marketers to deliver the right message, at the right time, through an easy-to-use interface, powered by Machine Learning.

  • User Documentation
    This article provides links to Marketing Composer user documentation.  Marketing Composer provides high-level governance of your Campaigns and touchpoints. The product empowers marketers to create "compositions" of any combination of touchpoints from any CES app in order to organize, prioritize, and analyze them as a whole, rather than as independent elements. Marketing Composer allows marketers to deliver the right message, at the right time, through an easy-to-use interface, powered by Mach...


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  • Customer Webinars
    Watch Cheetah Digital customer webinars on-demand here and learn more about the latest innovations. --> Register for the next Cheetah Digital Customer Webinar on Nov. 9. <-- (Note: Please contact for the passcode to view) Cheetah Customer Innovation Webinar - June 2022 Cheetah Customer Innovation Webinar - March 2022 Customer Engagement Suite - June 2021 Launch Webinar  Customer Engagement Suite - March 2021 Launch Webinar 
  • Introducing Customer Engagement Suite Home page
    We are delighted to introduce you to our Customer Engagement Suite Home page that acts as a landing page for all marketing activities and designed to make marketing tasks across the suite a seamless experience.  Watch the Customer Engagement Suite Home video to learn more:  
  • Product Videos
    Watch and learn more about our products: The Cheetah Engagement Home Video The Cheetah Digital Customer Engagement Suite Cheetah Messaging Enhanced Workflow Demo