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Journey Designer

Journey Designer allows marketers to use standardized, pre-defined "journeys" to streamline common, multi-stage marketing processes.

  • Product Documentation
    High-level descriptions of the Journey Designer feature and capabilities. Journey Designer -- Standard Journey Overview: A description of the standard suite of journeys.   

Solution Overview

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  • Customer Engagement Suite (CES) Solution Overview
    The Cheetah Digital Customer Engagement Suite enables marketers to drive revenue, build lasting customer relationships, and deliver a unique value exchange across the entire customer lifecycle.  


PULSE Podcast/videos to learn more about CES product offerings

  • PULSE Podcast: Personalization with Cheetah Journeys and Kitewheel
    In this episode of PULSE, Patrick talks to Mark Smith, President of Kitewheel, a real-time personalized journey management platform, about Kitewheel's focus, their philosophy on the journey orchestration,  the importance of the customer journey. Learn more about Cheetah Journeys here:
  • PULSE Podcast: Forrester Wave and Customer Engagement Suite Update
    Nicholas Einstein and Patrick Tripp break down the recent news that Cheetah Digital has been named Leader in Email, including how our innovation in the last few years has helped us get to this point and which features in the Cheetah Customer Engagement Suite were spotlighted in the report.
  • PULSE Podcast: Meet the Cheetah EDP with Manoj Das
    In this episode of PULSE, Patrick Tripp chats with VP of Product Management for the Cheetah Engagement Data Platform, Manoj Das. Learn more about how businesses should use data, and how customers inspired us to create the Cheetah Engagement Data Platform (EDP) :