Product Overview

An overview of Cheetah Loyalty and recent releases.

  • Cheetah Loyalty Release Notes
    Detailed information about the latest releases of Cheetah Loyalty.  Version 12.0 Release Notes Version 11.0 Release Notes Version 10.0 Release Notes Version 9.0 Release Notes Version 8.0 Release Notes  
  • Cheetah Loyalty Solution Overview
    Cheetah Loyalty delivers an end-to-end loyalty marketing solution, going beyond points and rewards programs. As a part of the Customer Engagement Suite and powered by the Cheetah Engagement Data Platform, this best-in class solution- for enterprise mobile, web, email, and social capabilities, enables engagement that can transform your customers’ experiences and increase their visit frequency, spend and loyalty. Learn more about Cheetah Loyalty here.  

Cheetah Loyalty Online Help

Access the online help documentation for Cheetah Loyalty.

  • Cheetah Loyalty Online Help
    The Cheetah Loyalty Online Help provides detailed step-by-step instructions for the platform.  To view the Online Help, click here.    Quick Links Manage your Members Create Segments to target your audience Create Rewards for your Members Define Triggered Actions Extend Offers to your Members  

Quick Start Guides

Quick Start Guides are available for a wide range of features and topics.

  • Members
    Guides relating to the member's screen as well as segmentation. Members: The Members screen provides a single, comprehensive view of every customer in your database – both known Members and unknown visitors. Segments: Segments are groups of Members that share common characteristics, such as demographics or patterns in interaction history.  
  • Rewards
    Guides related to setting up challenges, rewards and offers. Challenges: Challenges let you engage your Members by encouraging them to perform activities on behalf of your brand, often to earn reward points. Rewards: Rewards are prizes that Members can redeem by spending their loyalty points. Offers: Offers let clients present promotions to their Members, such as loyalty points, discounts, or merchandise.  
  • Rules
    Guides related to setting up Tier Rules, Earn Rules and Triggered Actions. Tier Rules - Basic: Tiers are used to divide your Members into a hierarchy. Basic Tier Rules are structured via a table, and generally don't change very often. Tier Rules - Advanced: Tiers are used to divide your Members into a hierarchy. Advanced Tier Rules are typically used for temporary conditions or special promotions. Earn Rules: Earn Rules specify how Members earn metrics (such as points) for different Activity...

Platform Documentation

This section contains documentation about Cheetah Loyalty, focusing on the overall features and capabilities of the platform.

  • User Guides
    You can access help directly within the platform. In addition, user guides are available for the following topics: Loyalty / Messaging Integration Guide -- Event-triggered Campaigns:  How to use a Loyalty action to deploy an Event-triggered Campaign in Messaging. Loyalty / Messaging Integration Guide -- Regular One-off Campaigns: How to export Members from Loyalty to use as the audience for a Regular One-off Campaign in Messaging.  Loyalty / Messaging Integration Guide -- Date-triggered Camp...

Technical Documentation

Cheetah Loyalty supports a suite of API endpoints that can be used to manage your Loyalty Members and to submit Member activities to your Loyalty program.

  • Member API
    The Member API can be used to manage data and actions inside the EDP and Cheetah Loyalty. To view the developer API documentation for the Member endpoint: click here.     
  • Program API
    The Program API can be used to integrate third-party systems with the EDP and Cheetah Loyalty. To view the developer API documentation for the Program endpoint: click here.  Note: A username / password is required to access the Program API documentation. Please contact your Services Representative if you need assistance.     
  • Software Development Kits
    Cheetah Loyalty provides tools to help developers build applications rapidly. We provide platform-specific SDKs that will seamlessly connect to our web services. Introductory Discussions: Basic use cases for building loyalty apps.  Javascript SDK Resources: Guide developers in enhancing their brand website to display loyalty content such as challenges, offers, rewards and member profiles from Cheetah Loyalty. Android SDK Resources: A collection of libraries to aid developers in creating Andro...
  • Security Documentation
    An overview of Cheetah Loyalty's security provisions and standards. Cheetah Loyalty Security Overview Cheetah Loyalty EU GDPR White Paper (June 2019)  
  • Configuration and Developer Guides
    Configuration and developer guides for campaigns, messages, email templates, point of sale integrations and more. Cheetah Loyalty Campaigns - Configuration Guide Cheetah Loyalty Messages - Configuration Guide Cheetah Loyalty Email Templates - Developer Guide Cheetah Loyalty POS API - Developer Guide Cheetah Loyalty HTML Games - Developer Guide Cheetah Loyalty Phoenix Query - Developer Guide