Getting in touch

  • Cheetah Learning
    The Cheetah Learning portal provides access to a wide range of training videos on how to use Cheetah Digital's products. Cheetah Learning is available here: Cheetah Learning offers more than eighty individual lessons encompassing all Cheetah solutions. Each lesson lasts between 2-12 minutes, depending on the topic. Lessons are presented as individual videos which can be watched as standalone tutorials, or used alongside course materials transforming them in...
  • Contacting Support
    Utilize our Support Portal to submit a Support Case or receive assistance via Chat.  For urgent requests, we can also be reached by phone at the numbers listed below. Americas   Europe Brazil +55 11 493 55457 France +33 366 880 075 United States +1 844 655 5466 Germany +49 211 38769 045   Spain +34 919 017 321 Asia/Pacific United Kingdom +44 203 514 8617 Australia +61 2 8311 1006   Hong Kong +852 3892 8523 India +00 (0800) 9190352 New Zealand +64 9 951 8381
  • Contacting the Global Security & Privacy Office
    For responsible reporting of security-related items, please contact our Global Security & Privacy Office. Please email them at
  • How to Manage Support Portal Users
    Access to the Support Portal is limited to client users who are identified as Designated Contacts on their account. Clients select Designated Contacts from within their organization to be responsible for submitting and managing Support Cases for the account.     The Cheetah Digital Support Portal specifies two types of Designated Contacts: Account Type Permissions Designated Contact Submit, view, and comment on Support Cases Designated Contact Administrator Submit, view, and com...
  • Information to Provide in a Support Case
    Our case entry form is very simple to allow flexibility and quick submission.   The following information is helpful when diagnosing and resolving client issues: The Cheetah Digital platform with which you are interacting The kind of issue you are experiencing (API, Filter results, UI performance, etc.)  Screenshots  Error messages Links Any steps you may have already taken to troubleshoot the issue Counts Campaign IDs API Payloads Providing this information up front will reduce the amount...