Product Overview

An overview of Grow and recent releases.

  • Grow Release Notes
    Detailed information about the latest releases of Marigold Experiences. Efix information is listed separately in this article. Note that updates are normally rolled out within a few days of the notification date listed.  Latest Features and Updates Cloudflare Turnstile (Nov 2023) We have introduced Cloudflare Turnstile as a Captcha alternative. Turnstile delivers a simpler and relatively non-intrusive experience to entrants which stops abuse and confirms participants are real without any dat...
  • Grow Video Learning
    We have a helpful video library help teach you about Grow that can be found HERE.
  • Grow Solution Overview
    Collect marketing opt-ins and preference insights with interactive experiences that can be published to every digital channel. Follow this link to learn more about Cheetah Experiences.
  • Introducing Articles
    Tours and walkthroughs of the latest updates to the Marigold Grow platform. We regularly publish new introducing articles that explore the new features in more detail.  Introducing Articles Page    
  • Branching Logic Data Sheet
    Branching Logic within Cheetah Experiences is a capability that empowers marketers to acquire zero- and first-party data and deliver relevant experiences driven by user inputs. Learn more about Branching Logic capabilities with the data sheet here.    
  • Grow Latest Hotfix Information
    This article lists all the latest hotfix release information, hotfix updates are normally deployed within 48 hours of the indicated date. Hotfix releases in 2021 October   Fix Ref Area Description 2021-10-22 WYN-6224 Display Fixed an issue that could result in the display of an unsupported browser message when an end-user visits a link to an experience from from a social media post. September   Fix Ref Area Description 2021-09-23 WYN-6178   Export Resolved an issue that would...

Contact Support

  • Contacting Support
    Hi There! If you were not able to find the answer to your question in our resources, we would be happy to assist. Please reach out to us via our Support Portal to submit a Support Case. For urgent requests, we can also be reached by phone at the numbers listed below. Australia +61 2 8311 1006 - 24/7 English Language Support France +33 366 880 075 - 24/7 English Language Support - 9:00 – 18:00 French Language Support Germany +49 211 38769 045 - 24/7 English Language Support - 9:00 – ...

Quick Start Guides

How-to articles that will help you get started with the most popular experiences.

  • Rewards
    Rewards are a great way to generate interest and provide value to your users while building a personal connection. In this section, you will be able to find useful guides to help you create and manage rewards in your experiences.  Rewards Guides Page
  • NextGen (Micro) Grow
    Grows optimized for mobile, social stories, and embedding inline within articles. In this section, you will be able to find useful guides to help you create and manage this grow type.  Micro Grow' Guides
  • Forms
    Gather leads, signups, registrations, and more. In this section, you will be able to find useful guides to help you create and manage this experience type.  Forms Guides
  • Giveaways
    Giveaways allow you to collect entries using forms or social hashtags and select winners with ease. In this section, you will be able to find useful guides to help you create and manage this experience type.  Giveaway Guides Page
  • Quizzes
    Ask questions, rate or categorize answers and then provide tailored results. In this section, you will be able to find useful guides to help you create and manage this experience type.  Quiz Guides Page
  • Contests
    Showcase user-generated content and select winners using judges or public votes. In this section, you will be able to find useful guides to help you create and manage this experience type.  Contests Guides Page
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Platform Documentation

This section contains a wide range of documentation about Grow, focusing on the overall features and capabilities of the platform.

  • General Platform Information
    General information, either in relation to the platform or other connected services. You'll find information about general account settings, roles, permissions, and useful information about passwords and account details.  General Platform Documentation
  • Managing Grow
    Learn how to create and manage experiences. In this section, you can find useful information covering commonly asked questions such as how to clone, publish, reset, or delete your grow.  Managing Grow Platform Documentation
  • Pages
    Relevant information around pages, modules, and forms. The articles cover the design and management of the core elements needed to build an Experience.  Pages Platform Documentation
  • Themes & Customizations
    Themes define the overall look and feel of your experiences. Learn how to customize your existing theme or create a new one. There's also information about ways to customize experiences with CSS and JS.  Themes & Customizations Platform Information
  • Troubleshooting
    Technical tips and troubleshooting steps for resolving common issues.  Troubleshooting Platform Information
  • Content
    Create beautiful, live social displays for any event and any screen in a fraction of the time it would take to build in-house. Marigold Grow content configuration and moderation is designed to save time and money by filtering through the noise and showcasing the right content at the right time in the right place. In this section, you can learn how to create a collection, feeds, how to find, curate, and publish user-generated content. Content Services Platform Documentation
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Technical Documentation

Grow supports a wide range of API endpoints that can be used to manage data, user-generated content, display poll results and more.

  • Entry Submit API
    Client-side solution to submitting an entry to any experience. Any entry constraints configured for the campaign, such as single, daily, or unlimited entry, will be enforced. Please note that fraud and spam entry checks will be applied to API entries, just like regular ones, and if you are submitting from a single server-side address your requests may be limited to no more than 5 per minute per IP address. The API is intended to be used client-side. If you are looking to submit UGC directly t...
  • Entry Data Webhook
    Automatically send experience entry data to a registered secure HTTP endpoint. You can provide us with a secure URL endpoint. The Realtime push mechanism can be configured to send data as:
  HTTP POST containing a JSON body (recommended and default) HTTP GET request with fields in the query string HTTP FORM POST You may choose to have a fixed set of fields (common to all experiences) pushed to your endpoint, or a variable set of fields which includes all of the fields a user may configure o...
  • Export API
    Retrieve entry data from Marigold Grow. The REST API allows you to export entries from a single campaign or across all campaigns at the same time. You may retrieve all entries as a one-off export or specify a time-window so that you can re-run the export on a regular basis (e.g. to support daily retrieval). Finally, you can choose to retrieve a high-level export including only common entry fields or a full export, with all custom or grow specific fields included. For more information, please ...
  • Classic Poll API
    Export the results of a classic poll. This is useful whenever you want to present the results via another system, e.g. a broadcaster might use the API to integrate the results into an on-screen display. Note that the API returns results in close-to-realtime (within a few seconds of the submission of answers).  Prerequisites: An experience must have a form with at least one classic poll question defined. Each poll answer can have its "id" configured in the form designer, which will help you un...
  • Insights API
    A mechanism to query reporting information for experiences in summary or per experience. It reports on interactions such as counts of views, entries, shares or referrals. For more information, please download the API Guide.
  • Content Submit API
    Allows users to inject single content items into a particular collection. Content can then be stored, managed, moderated, and displayed within the Grow Platform. Content submitted via the Content Submit API will be treated as UGC content. For more information, please download the API Guide.
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Grow Online Help

Easy access to Grow Support Team that can provide additional help.

  • How to get help
    The Marigold Grow platform has a built-in Help Widget that will offer contextually relevant information based on where in the platform you're currently at. You can also search for other helpful articles or raise a ticket to Support through it.  In addition to that, here you'll find other important contact information to reach Support and your CSM. Also included is some helpful information on raising and updating Support tickets. Who do I need to contact? Support is always happy to help with ...